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Development & Evolution of New Technology

Turning waste plastic into a lightweight aggregate primarily for use in the concrete industry.

Addressing two of our biggest environmental challenges with one product — Plazrok is a solution to the earth’s overwhelming plastic pollution problem while giving concrete manufacturers an eco-friendly alternative to standard aggregate.

An Advanced Product of the Future Plazrok™ is manufactured specifically to be a lightweight composite aggregate, made entirely from the waste stream, designed as an additive or a replacement for conventional aggregates for a variety of concrete applications. Plazrok™ not only provides a variety of advantages to concrete but uses all plastic waste without the necessity to sort or separate along side a variety of other waste derived from landfills.

plazrok benefits

There are many reasons why you should use Plazrok

Here are just four of them. Be sure to click the LEARN MORE link for more information and data

Product Benefits

Plazrok is 10-40% lighter than concrete retaining strength and potential seismic advantages

Eco Friendly

environmental benefits of reducing landfill and fixing carbon from the ecosystem

Tilt Up Panels

Light weight tilt up panels can be used anywhere from walls to facades to noise barriers.

Floor Toppings

Tensile strengths 3 times that of normal concrete can be achieved with Plazrok addition