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Moving Forward - Future Developments

We are a team comprising of innovative engineers and progressive marketers. Together we all share the same enthusiasm regardless of what part we inject into the development of products and the global advancement of Enviroplaz International Ltd.

Being passionate about providing solutions for industry which improve the industrial footprint on the environment is a primary foundation of the entire Enviroplaz group

Peter Emily Miles John Mike Manoch Alister Brendan Stephen

The Team


Our company has separate divisions for subsidiary developments

To adequately provide for our existing and future investment partners and international agents we have a structured formation for our companies which allows for individual investments in each of our corporates together with focussed management on same.


Management Team

We're here for you, everyday

The 'hands on' people assisting Enviroplaz and Partners to move forward in future developments with daily operational procedures

Founder / Managing Director
For the last 25 years Peter has been a New Zealand leader in developing materials and concepts in the Plastics industry
General Manager Enviroplaz
Miles has Diplomas in Sales & Marketing together with a wide range of experience in fields from GPS Tracking to Plastic Fabrication
United Kingdom Agent
Many years in Nigeria & Malawi as production works manager in a diverse range of engineering products in steel & refrigeration
Managing Director Asia
Mike is a Chartered Professional Engineer with an extensive career in engineering and construction and over 25yrs in Thailand
Technical Manager
1 Doctorate Degree, 2 Masters Degrees and a Bachelor of Science together with 26 years in a range of various construction industries
Corporate Finance Manager
A qualified Chartered Accountant with many yrs experience working for public companies in sectors of construction, wholesaling/dstribution