Plaztuff-Building Shade Fins
Light weight interior steel frame Clad in Plaztuff on Waikato DHB Building refurbishment
Plaztuff Fabricated Curb-Side Collection Truck Body
For Food Waste. No Corrosion, No Rust, No need to Paint
"Driving Recycling into Profitability whilst bringing Concrete out of the Stone Age"
Flagship Marine
Plaztuff Fabricated Yacht Brokerage Floating Sales Office Based In Westhaven Marina Auckland


“To lead the Engineering and  Construction sectors to adopt Innovative Environmentally Sustainable Solutions based on Polymers”


is a highly specified polymer sheet has been designed as a replacement or to complement steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass in a range of applications for a wide range of industry

The Plaztuff™ technology is fully commercialised and growing steadily in markets both in New Zealand and offshore


is a manufactured lightweight polymer aggregate designed to replace conventional aggregates in a range of concrete applications.

Plazrok™ not only provides a range of benefits to concrete but uses all plastic waste without the need to sort or separate along with a range of other waste product derived from landfills

Plazrok™ is now ready for commercialisation, with its manufacturing processes having now been developed and it is now undergoing a lengthy testing regime proving the concept

Both these technologies have been developed in New Zealand over the Last 20 years.





Our Projects

Why Choose Us?

  • We are passionate about providing solutions for industry which improve the industrial footprint on the environment.
  • We firmly believe that true sustainability can only be achieved with commercially and environmentally viable products. We are dedicated to achieving this goal
  • We come from the land of diverse and amazing scenery, Lord of the Rings, bungee jumping, and the All Blacks, a country with a culture of equality, caring and a love for its environment, which leads the way in many aspects of engineering and innovative thinking,
  • With a love for the environment we recognize that this needs to be protected, and innovative solutions need to be found to ensure we have a very soft footprint, including energy efficiency and waste minimization.
  • Our Team of clever and innovative engineers are always looking for new materials and applications to enhance this.
  • Our Products Plaztuff™ and Plazrok™ have a myriad of applications in the engineering and construction sectors.

Fast & Efficient

We strive to provide a fast reliable and efficient service to a multitude of Industries


Innovative design from Floating Sales Office Buildings - to Truck Bodies - to Building Facades

20 Years of Experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in the Engineering Industry


We are committed to maintain Environmental Sustainability through Product Development using some of the Worlds Waste & Discarded Plastics