Enviroplaz designed and built a 14 Tonne Capacity fertilizer Tank for Hira Bhana Ltd, a major Produce Grower for New Zealand around mid-2001, some 18 Years ago. The Tank was fitted to a galvanised Container Lock Frame for mounting on a Road Trailer. This Unit has been used On-Road extensively for collecting Heavy Liquid Fertilizer from a Pukekohe Supplier and returning to Growers paddocks, where during the potato season, the tank is filled & empty daily, 7 days a week during the months of October / November.

The Tank has stood the test of time and looks as sound and Integral as from the day it was delivered 18 years back. Previous made from Stainless Steel, Tanks only lasted a few short years, suffered Chemical Corrosion and stress fracturing with the constant use of the Tank across undulating Fields causing Leakage and premature corrosion of the Trailer Chassis resulting in un-road worthy issues. Plaztuff Tank has only required minor maintenance due to the extreme twisting of trailer to mounts where Plaztuff meets steel frame.

Plaztuff™ Flexibility, strength to resist cracking plus chemical resistance has provided major benefits and long-life amortisation for huge cost savings.

Newly Fabricated


Today: 18 years later


Today: Tank interior


It has stood the test of time for us Bharat Bhana