PLAZTUFF™ Tipper UTE BODY by Polymer Engineering  

PLAZTUFF Tipper UTE BODY by Polymer Engineering

Plaztuff™ Ute Body sets New Industry Standard

Ute Tipper Body Purpose Built for Curb side  & Park Bin Waste collection. Food Waste can be a very  toxic / corrosive mixture that can rust out a Steel Body in a couple of years. This Body is inert to Corrosion and will be around for 30 years plus. Optimal Steel stiffening Frame that is Plaztuff encased, taking it completely out of the corrosive environment. Floor surface is Plaztuff Hyslip Liner providing a tuff wear resistant surface with high slip co-efficient to aid easy low-angle tip facility.        

…………. Light weight Plaztuff construction means a larger payload can be carried ……………


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Designed, Engineered, Fabricated by Plaztuff South Auckland